Work Related Injury

Work and industrial claims arise from an injury caused by events or exposures in the work environment.

This may be workplace  slip, trip or fall at work to long-suffering injury such as industrial deafness.If you have a work-related injury claim then you are entitled to compensation.

However, some people feel their claim may affect how their employer treats them though in reality there should be no change in how your employer treats you before or after your claim. You may not wish to claim for loyalty reasons.

However, note that all employers are legally obliged to have insurance in place for Work Related Injury Claims and they will not be ‘out of pocket’ for your claim. If you cannot work because of your accident then you should raise a claim for compensation.

How to avoid workplace injuries

The most obvious step to take to ensure your workplace is safe from any accidents and injuries is to have clear guidelines set out for all employees, management and any customers/visitors.

These will vary depending on the nature of the workplace but there are some basic regulations that you should have and that are legally required, such as a fire safety protocol. This group provides a great example of a fire safety policy.

  • You must make sure that you are regularly checking and updating staff on any changes to any of your health and safety guidelines, making sure any training is conducted and completed.
  • If you hire any external businesses such as cleaners, you should make sure they are insured and follow their own necessary health and safety regulations, as well as the ones implemented at your workplace. These cleaners in Croydon are a great example of a commercial cleaning company that complies with all the necessary health and safety requirements.
  • You must keep track of your safety measures, monitoring them means that you can make any changes where safety could be improved as well as potentially improving the running of your business. Find out how often you should review your health and safety strategy here.

The compensation and claim process

The process of a claim for personal injury compensation from an employer is the same as with other types of personal injury claims. See more legal advice information.

For industrial relates claims such as deafness the claim process is slightly different. The employee may be of old age and the employer is no longer trading.

However, the insurer for the period you are claiming for is still liable to pay compensation. Often old records have to be searched for information and various health professionals are involved in your claim.

Your industrial claim may arise because you used to work in a noisy environment such as a factory or used dangerous chemicals and materials such as asbestos. More.

If you have a work and industrial claim then contact us with any questions you may have.