Whiplash compensation claims

A whiplash injury occurs when you are injured from a road traffic accident due to a sudden movement of the neck, back or any part of the body. The personal injury can last from a few weeks to a few years and is not usually permanent. The majority of road traffic accidents result in whiplash injury and compensation claim with the most common injury being to the back and neck.

The total number of whiplash claims in the last year was approximately 840,000 and insurers are doing everything they can to discourage consumers from raising a whiplash compensation claim, for example by wanting to lower the time to raise a court claim to 1 year and for all claims to be for more than 3 months injury, citing whiplash claims as contributing to increased premiums.

But with such claims having fallen substantially since the changes made after April 2013, has anyone seen premiums drop? The answer is no and why not?]

 A good whiplash injury and head injury solicitor will ensure your award reflects your injuries and not accept the first low offer a third party insurer typically makes for your compensation. Don’t listen to the insurance companies and exercise your rights to compensation.

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