Slips Trips And Falls

These type of accidents typically occur in a public place or at work. If you suffer personal injury as a result of an accident you are entitled to receive compensation.

If you have an accident in a public place (outside) then your local Council is liable for paying damages. If you have an accident in a private place where members of the public visit then the organization you are at is liable to pay damages. If you have an Accident at Work then your employer is liable to pay compensation.

The entire above are required to have insurance in place to indemnify them against such accidents and it is this insurer who deals with your slip, trip or fall injury claim.

Your injuries will be assessed by a professional who will prepare a Medical Report to be used in your claim. Our panel solicitors will then value your claim and send this report to the third party insurer with a settlement offer. Negotiations will continue until an amount of compensation is agreed.

Our panels of solicitors all have many years of experience in slip, trip and fall claims and have the skills to successfully win your claim. Your claim is taken on a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement and if you lose, you do not pay their fees.

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