Serious Injury Claims

Serious injuries – we are never prepared for them, whether at work, on the road or in the home. Coming to terms with a serious injury means coming to terms with the impact it could have on your life, an impact that could potentially be permanent.

At OISC, our Serious Injury Claims team understand that learning to cope with the effects of a serious injury is a process that can take a significant amount of time. We also realise that for someone living with a serious injury, being able to enjoy a reasonable quality of life is something that might require significant amounts of money being spent on care, support and adaptations around the home.

  • What is serious injury?

    There is no easy definition of what is and is not a serious injury. Any injury must be judged by the impact it has on the life of the victim, on the victim’s family and how it has affected the victim’s ability to work in future. If you have suffered a serious injury, you may find yourself without income and the prospect of returning to work, if ever, might be months or even years away. Your serious injury may leave you with a disability; preventing you from future employment or recreation.
    To get the best service during a serious injury claim requires a legal advisor who has the patience and compassion to understand and empathise with the feelings of anger and bitterness you might have towards those responsible for your serious injury. At OISC, all of our serious injury clients will have their cases assigned to a lawyer who has experience acting on behalf of other seriously injured clients who have often been in very similar positions.
    We understand that seriously injured people and their families appreciate dealing with a dedicated lawyer. Our solicitors can tell you what to expect and when. They will be on hand to explain how your case will progress through the various stages in the serious injury claim process, from the initial stages where evidence is gathered, through to court appearances and negotiations with insurance companies.

  • Fighting on your behalf

    If you have been involved in a serious injury accident then you need a legal team that you can trust to represent and protect your best interests and to fight your corner to ensure that you get the serious injury compensation to which you and your loved ones are entitled.
    The Serious Injury Solicitors at OISC have all qualified as solicitors specialising in personal injury claims. Our solicitors have an average of fifteen years experience dealing with all levels of personal injury claim, so you can be sure your serious injury claim will be handled by an experienced professional, supported by a team with a proven record of dealing with high value, serious injury claims.
    We will strive to be certain that you have access to the best of all that you will require in your journey from injury to the conclusion of your case, whether by negotiation or litigation. You can find out more about our serious injury claims services here on our website, or for a confidential telephone consultation with one of our Serious Injury Solicitors, call 0845 122 112 now.

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