Personal Injury

If you have suffered an injury due to somebody else’s negligence, our hugely experienced Personal Injury Department is able to help you claim the damages you’re owed.

Even if you were partially to blame for the accident, our No win – No Fee service can still help you claim compensation – not only for financial losses, such as medical expenses or loss of earnings, but also for any pain, mental trauma or inconvenience you may have suffered.

If you think you may have a claim, please do not hesitate to call our claims helpline on 0120 4 263000.

  • We can help you

    As soon as you get in touch with the personal injury solicitors here at OISC, we will start our investigations into your accident to see if you have the grounds to claim No Win No Fee personal injury compensation. Once we’ve established that you do have a case to claim compensation from the person or organisation responsible for your injury, then our personal injury solicitors will begin assembling your claim.

    Throughout your compensation claim, your personal injury solicitor or a member of the personal injury department here at OISC will provide you with progress updates so that you will know exactly what is happening with your case. Our personal injury solicitors will inform you immediately if there has been an important development in your claim, such as when the defendant admits they are liable for your personal injury or when an offer of compensation is put forward.

    Our expert personal injury solicitors will guide you through the claims process from start to finish. Along the way we will provide you with advice and assistance if, for example, there is any essential paperwork that we require in order to continue your claim. Whenever you are required to attend an appointment, such as an examination of your injuries by a doctor, or a conference with your personal injury solicitors, we will notify you well in advance. We can arrange any meetings around your other commitments to minimise the inconvenience to you.

    We hope that you find the answers to any personal injury claims questions you might have here on our site. If you’ve been involved in an accident that has left you with an injury and you would like to speak to one of our claims advice team or our personal injury solicitors about something not mentioned on the site you can always call on 0845 122 112.

  • Experienced solicitors

    Personal injury claims can be made in a variety of situations where the negligence, poor safety procedures or dangerous behaviour of an individual or an organisation has caused you to suffer an injury. Personal injury claims are most frequently associated with accidents involving slips & trips as well as falls from height. Accidents of this type are easily preventable if the proper procedures for identifying hazards are ignored and the simple steps needed to remove risks are not taken.

    As our experiences making personal injury claims has shown, the vast majority of personal injury claims being made by people who have suffered relatively common and quite predictable accidents. There are still thousands of business and organisations around the country who do not carry out the basic steps to ensure that their employees and members of the public are not put at unnecessary risk of an accident at work. The personal injury claims made by injured employees and members of the public reflect this situation.

    At OISC, our personal injury claims solicitors treat each and every accident victim as an individual and assess every personal injury claim on its own merits. We know that whether you’ve slipped in a supermarket or you have suffered a life-changing injury in a major industrial accident, you will still want the best possible outcome for your claim. It is our aim to make sure that all personal injury claims made by our clients meet their expectations, not just in terms of the compensation we recover, but also by making sure that any claim provides them with the means to afford any future care costs or changes to their lifestyle that they might need to make to take account of their injuries.

  • Solicitors are not alike.

    Not all personal injury solicitors are alike. Here at OISC our personal injury lawyers deal exclusively with personal injury claims, giving them the expertise and experience needed to deal with the full range of personal injury law. This includes claims involving injuries ranging from minor cuts, bruises and sprains, through broken bone injuries and up to cases involving serious brain damage and other life-changing injuries. Our personal injury lawyers help thousands of clients each year to claim compensation for their injuries, however serious these injuries might be.

    Making a personal injury claim can be a stressful experience if it is not handled by expert personal injury lawyers. Our approach means that our personal injury lawyers take as much of the work out of making a claim as we possibly can for you – so you can get on with the things that really matter to you. With personal injury lawyers working on your claim, all the paperwork will be dealt with by us, leaving you only a few short forms to fill in at the beginning of your claim to confirm the details of your accident and to authorise our personal injury lawyers to work on your behalf.

    As your personal injury compensation claim progresses, your OISC personal injury lawyer will be on hand to give you their expert advice. If an offer of personal injury compensation is received from the defendant’s legal team, then our personal injury lawyers will give you their professional opinion as to whether it is a reasonable offer.

    We will fight for you to receive a settlement that reflects the severity of your injuries and their impact on your life. If we feel you could recover more personal injury compensation if your case proceeded to a court hearing then we will see the matter through.

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