Motorcycle Accident Solicitor

Motorcycle Accidents are considered more dangerous than cycling or car accidents due to lack of protection for motorcyclists and high speeds. The risk is great due to the fact that motorists often fail to detect a nearby motorcyclist in time to avoid a collision.

As with all Non-Fault Accident Claims, evidence is essential.  According to Motorcycle Accident Solicitors in Leeds most motorcyclists travel alone, therefore eye witness testimonials of passengers is often unavailable. However evidence can still be gathered, such as:-

  • Your helmet:-
    • Damages sustained by your helmet give a good idea of the severity of the accident. If you weren’t wearing a helmet the motorist will not be considered solely responsible for your head injuries.
  • Police reports:-
    • If the police arrived at the scene, their report of the incident can be beneficial in court.
  • Surveillance cameras:-
    • If there are any surveillance cameras present in the location of the accident, the footage captured by them can be vital in determining who was at fault.
  • Medical Reports:-
    • The opinion of the medical expert will also be included in backing the claim, supported by test results from MRI or CAT scans.
  • Legal Representation:-
    • An injury claims solicitor is well versed in these matters. He/she can assist in efforts leading up to a successful claim. Most solicitors work around a ‘no win, no fee’ promise, therefore your financial status is not a problem.

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