Fatal accidents

This type of accident is one of the most unfortunate that can occur where an injured party suffers death as a result of an accident. It is obvious that this affects a large number of people and most of all the family of the person who has died. Whilst it is a difficult time for the family, you should exercise your rights to compensation as the law gives you these rights.

Under UK law, if a child under 18 is involved in a fatal accident then the parents or legal guardian is entitled to fatal accident compensation. The sum is approximately £11,000 – £14,000 and is known as a bereavement award. In addition funeral and miscellaneous expenses can be claimed.

If a person above 18 is involved in a Personal Injury then there is no statutory award as above but a claim for dependency can be raised by a parent or spouse/partner. The amount of compensation will depend on how the claim progresses but awards of around £150,000 have been documented.

No amount of money can replace a loved one but a fatal accident compensation can at least help with some of the expenses you will incur and ease some of the suffering you will inevitably have for a long time.

At OISC our panel of Expert Solicitors have the skills and experience to deal with fatal accident claims. Such claims can be very complicated and if you are the parent or dependent of a person who has suffered a fatal accident then you need to make sure that the right firm of solicitors is instructed as you have the standard 3 years within which to raise a claim at court.

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