Child Injury Claims

Child injury claims are dealt with in the same way as other Personal Injury Claim except that a parent or legal guardian acts as ‘litigation friend’ and claims on behalf of the child. Particular care is taken with these claims because all parties have to work in the best interests of the child.

The child will be assessed by a practitioner who will prepare a medical report detailing how the accident occurred, what the injuries are and how long the child will take to recover.

Our panel of solicitors have the experience and skills to deal with Accidents Involving Children and will work with the litigation friend in the best interests of the child to make sure that maximum compensation is received.

Settlements for a child injury claim can be different because the money is for a minor who is under 18. There are two ways in which settlement can be dealt with. The first and easier option is for the litigation friend to sign a ‘parental indemnity declaration’ on behalf of the child that they will use the money and indemnify (pay) the child for this amount. The second option is to ask the Court to approve the settlement. In this case the payment can be made to the litigation friend if it is shown to be needed for the benefit of the child. However usually the settlement is paid into Court funds where it stays until the child is 18. At that time it is paid to the young person. Alternatively the litigation friend may receive the money if they show that it is paid into an account where it can only be withdrawn when the child is 18.

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